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On your wedding day, you shouldn't have to be scurrying around, making sure that centerpieces are arranged correctly, or checking that your groomsmen know how they're supposed to walk down the aisle.  And you definitely shouldn't be frantic about when your DJ is going to start playing the wedding march, or what will be said to the guests after you walk back down the aisle to go take your pictures for 30 minutes.  The very last thing you want to do is manage the vendors that you've been working with for months to make sure that your timeline is actually followed. 
Enter, me.  I do the planning, coordinating, and executing.  You, just walk your pretty little self down the aisle and enjoy every second of your big day, completely stress-free.

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Engagement seasons full of joyful anticipation.

Your wedding planning process CAN be full of joy, peace, and excitement!  Together, we can make your dreams a reality, all without you having to do any heavy lifting.

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- Charlie | Indianola, IA

Katie was an absolute blessing to work with. In all the chaos that was 2020, Katie was so helpful to make our wedding day perfect. She was so organized, helpful, responsive, kind and thoughtful. I would highly recommend her to any bride. She is truly a life saver and I could not have planned or executed my wedding without her help.

- Morgan | Lancaster, MO

I was really going back and forth on investing in a wedding planner and was unsure if it would be beneficial simply because I am a person who is afraid to give up control... After my initial meeting with Katie, over facetime I might add, her personality and knowledge flowed through the camera that I instantly felt like I could trust this person and we were miles apart!  

- Madeline | Des Moines, IA

She was kind, yet assertive, and had our best interest in mind while getting any job done well. Anytime somebody had a question, we pointed them to Katie, and she had the solution... Katie allowed all of us to "be where our feet were" and not think about anything else but celebrating our marriage.

- Haleigh | Des Moines, IA

After seeing Katie in action at my sister-in-law's wedding, I knew I needed to hire her!! She is so organized, detail oriented, and has all the answers for everyone. She is the reason my fiancé and I were able to spend the day soaking in every moment and not worrying about the logistics of everything running smoothly.

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