I design, plan, & coordinate to eliminate stress.

Hi! I'm Katie

I'm an event planner and coordinator, to-do list junkie, and lover of all things organization and efficiency.  I help women make their dream event visions come to life, all the while helping them to enjoy the process and sweet season of life they're in.
I currently live just outside of the Twin Cities area with my husband, Brian, where you can find me checking out every new restaurant (total foodies), spending time out in the sun, having a couch-movie-marathon with my husband, or hanging out with my family and sweet friends.


— actually me, ask my husband

I'm not a ride-or-die chick... I have questions & will need to update my to-do list. Where are we riding to? And will there be food there?

For all you enneagram fanatics out there, I'm a type 6.  Which means, I naturally crave security.  And how do you make a control freak feel secure?  You make lists, you have a plan, and you keep things organized.  This is my superpower.  I (formally) began organizing events back in college and continued into my first several jobs out of school, organizing various office & community events.  If you want to get real technical, I could tell you that I've been helping my mom throw my own themed birthday parties back into the elementary school years, but we won't go there.  I found my love for planning weddings specifically when I got engaged in 2017.  But even at that time, I noticed that there were too many options all clamoring for your attention.  

There doesn't need to be a 250+ task list of things to do. You don't have to comb through every nook and cranny, just to make sure you're not missing out.  And you definitely don't need your second cousin's best friend's sister, Karen, giving you her opinion on your centerpieces.  Your wedding should be about your marriage.  And YES, I am a total sap and I do use cliches in everyday lingo.  But I believe that marriage is a covenant, between you, your spouse, and God above.  It's a representation of how Christ loves the church, how God loves us, and there is zero room for stress or anxiety in that.  Your wedding day should be a reflection of your marriage- full of love, joy, grace, and peace.  I aim to help all of my brides feel that way throughout our entire process together.

a little more...

let's see what we have in common...


 The anticipation!  You should feel giddy and excited, completely at ease.  This really is the best day!  Watching couples glow, that's my favorite.


The "getting ready" phase.  For bride & groom both!  Getting all glitzed and glammed with your crew.  Popping collars with your day-ones.
*insert sappy, teary eyes here*


The Look~
When bride & groom lock eyes as she glides down the aisle.  Let's do this thing!!


The end of the grand exit, as you're hopping in the car, I look over to your nostalgic parents.  I might even run over and give them a hug!  Job well done, parents.  You are appreciated. 

more joy!

Wedding day joy

My favorite things about wedding day

I-do's witnessed


vendors contacted


to-do lists completed


cups of coffee consumed

the limit does not exist

my story

Snapshots in Time


Moved out of the only house I had known for 18 years (Oklahoma -> Utah)


Met the love of my life in the most unexpected of times & places!


Graduated with my Bachelors (in Kinesiology) from Utah State

later in 2017

Moved out to Berlin, Germany with Brian & got engaged!


Back in the states, started working at a jewelery store- quickly fell in love with engagements!

may 2018

MARRIED that man of mine!! 
Shortly after, moved to Knoxville, TN.


Moved twice more, first to Ames, Iowa & then to Blaine, Minnesota where my husband is currently the Men's Assistant Hockey Coach at Bethel University.


Planning & Coordinating the dreamiest weddings for the most wonderful clients- truly my dream job!

What I'm Known For

Living a little bit of everywhere! 
OK, UT, Germany, TN, IA, MN- the list continues thanks to my talented hockey-coaching husband!

My to-do lists & ever-present planner. 
I looove them.

I was a gymnast in college at Utah State- Go Aggies!!

Making the best of "bad" situations. You have to find the joy in life, no matter the circumstances!

I believe that you can have your dream wedding without ever feeling overwhelmed.

I believe that everyone should get to enjoy their wedding planning process.


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